Zuchinni as a shade plant

Sister hunter

Hunt in progress

Well, talk about eating my words.  As an Landscape Designer and avid gardener, spreading the word on best practices in the garden are always at the top of my list.  But I find myself having to make adjustments along the way.  Especially when in hope of raising the ultimate gopher killer.

As noted on my previous entry, there are many predators to the family garden, between the neighbors dog, my own cats and our current ‘gopher of interest’.  This particular gopher has helped himself to at least 7 beautiful ‘Blue Lake’ bean plants this month and an entire row of sweet peas last month.  He remains active and on the loose.  We have set multiple traps, gas bombs and some other less sanctioned means at removing him to no avail.  And just as predicted, he showed up in the melon patch this morning and helped himself to two ‘Sugar Baby’ watermelon plants.

What to do?  Why get more cats of course!  So we’ve gone and gotten two sister kittens to join the current hunter of leisure.  Who knows, one of them may grow up to be a real threat to the current population.  In the meantime, ……….. what safer or better place than the fenced in vegetable garden for small cats to romp and play during the day!

So until they are a bit bigger, and in hopes of raising true gopher hunters, they get to linger a bit longer in the shade of the zuchinni and apprentice at their intended trade .