Using Sunflowers and Tomatoes in Landscape Design

It’s the middle of summer and the garden seems to have slowed down a bit.  The spring push is over and now it’s time to wait for the tomatoes to ripen and the pumpkins to get some growth on them.  This is the first year I have ever started tomatoes from seed and am extremely impressed with my results so far.  I started ‘San Marzano’ and ‘Burbank’ using certified organic seed and also some ‘The Pomodoro Toma Nano’.  There are about 17 very strong and healthy plants out there with blossoms and small green tomatoes abounding with occasional aphid or two in tow!  It seems like an awesome start, but as always, time will tell.

The tall yellow sunflowers are gift seed from a favorite landscape design client in Chula Vista and the reddish flowers are ‘Autumn Beauty Mix’.  In the early mornings and evenings, the leaves are attracting a flock of very small birds which are making quite a meal of them.


Just for me!