Landscape Design & Ideas: Fairy Tales for Halloween!

It’s been a long, hot summer and like I was saying on my last post, the only thing left hanging on the vine was the four Fairy Tale pumpkins.  And they are finally ready!  Should they have been bigger, maybe, but they are very cute anyway.  As far as wonderful landscape design & ideas, I would say they are perfect for Halloween!

Landscape Design and Resources

It seemed a good day to get out in the garden and do some cleaning up.  While digging around, I was able to find an excellent crop of beets that had been forgotten.  Alongside of them were some going to seed.  I definitely took advantage of this and made a collection for next year.

As always, the chard is the one thing that seems to be happy growing year round here in the San Diego garden.  There is an awesome patch to harvest from and also some going to seed!  I also collected a fair amount of arugula seed.  Arugula is a wonderful thing to have in the yard year round.  It’s so easy to make a quick salad of arugula, strawberries, feta, toasted walnuts with a balsamic & olive oil dressing.

Landscape Design & Ideas

While over at Kniffings Nursery in El Cajon, I was able to pick up an Alleppo Pine today, which is a wonderful tree that seems to grow native here in the Alpine region of San Diego county.  We have successfully planted at least 10 of these trees in the last 4 years.  We are extremely pleased with their fast growth and the gorgeous evergreen they add to our yard.

Tying in to landscape design and ideas, Kniffings also has a beautiful shipment of Black & Blue Salvia’s, also known as Salvia guaranitica.  I also grabbed some charming Rock Rose ‘Sunset’, also known as Cistus x pulverulentus.  This plant is a wonderful xeriscape idea for the San Diego Garden.