Best Plants for San Diego: Harvesting Tomatoes

The summer garden is definitely winding down.  The tomato plants are pretty much done and all that’s left to wait on is the four lingering fairy tale pumpkins.As far as the blueberries I planted this year go, I feel that they have been one of the successes and best plants for San Diego in my garden.  After doing considerable reading this spring and re-buying all the plants I killed ‘last year’, I went to Kniffings Nursery and started over.  This time I put them in matching pots on the porch and they are coming along!

I would have to say this has been one of the bleakest harvests ever.  There were some summer squash, then the gopher’s came along and finished them off.  The artichokes were new this year and fun to watch grow.  But if you wait too long, the window closes and it’s definitely too late to eat and enjoy.  The asparagus has been in for two years now and we did get a few spears.  Due to the latest heat spell, I believe they are confused and think it’s spring again.  I’m seeing spears this week after not seeing any since spring.

Being there weren’t as many tomatoes as I hoped for, I decided to turn them into a quick pizza topping.  I sliced them up, drizzled them olive oil and fresh garlic, S & P and roasted them up at 400 degrees a while.


And like I say every year, we’ll think about all this again in the spring!