Growing ‘Double Jewel’ Peaches in Alpine, CA

It’s important to choose the right fruit tree for the right planting zone.  Alpine, CA is located within ‘Sunset zone’ is 19, where our climate has very little influence from the ocean.  Sections of this zone have traditionally been considered prime citrus-growing country, along with being suitable for avocados and macadamias.

As part of my landscape design philosophy, I like to incorporate fruit trees in to the environment where it  makes sense.  When choosing a fruit tree, it is always a good idea to check in with your neighborhood nursery first, to see what they carry.  Kniffing’s Nursery is a great resource for fruit trees in our part of San Diego County and they buy in a substantial selection every year of bare root trees.

I chose to start with ‘Double Jewel’ and ‘July (Kim) Elberta’ peaches early last year.   The growth has been extremely good on the Double Jewel and pretty good on the July Elberta.  Regardless of tree size, they are both laden with a good quantity of small, fuzzy fruits right now.  The Double Jewel has the suggested chill hours labeled as 300-400 and the July Elberta labeled for 400-500 hrs.  I would be very surprised if we got close to that this past winter.

We have just fertilized all of our fruit trees an organic all-purpose fertilizer with a ratio of 5-3-1 and will probably do some summer pruning along the way.  The next step will be to decide whether to use netting or reflective mylar ribbons as a bird deterrent!

Double Jewel Peach