In Alpine: Fruit trees to plant in Spring

Have you been thinking about putting in bare root fruit trees? Well, now is the time to do it and there are many varieties that do great in our southern zones.

One of the things to consider when making your decision will be where is the best place in your yard to plant fruit trees? You will want to plant your fruit trees in a sunny, well-drained area, preferably close to a water source to make it easier for you to keep your trees well irrigated while getting established. There are many resources available to the home gardener to get great information on this process. One of my favorite places is Peaceful Valley Farm Supply. Here you can find so much useful information on the entire process, from the importance of gopher baskets, to chill hours needed in your planting zone, to the proper way to plant your trees and ongoing tree care. I have been buying from them by mail order for almost 20 years or so with always a positive experience. I have had luck with their fruit trees, asparagus crowns, garden seeds, berries and always their shipping process.

But what if you want to plant a tree today? One of my favorite nurseries in East County San Diego is Kniffing’s Nursery as a place to shop. I have been out there this week and they currently have a great selection of low-chill apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, figs, berries, grapes and of course, pomegranates! We planted one two years ago during this dry and difficult gardening season, in an outlying area not close to a water source, and it’s thriving! I’m thinking of getting more pomegranates to use as a water-wise, edible screen for different areas of our property!

There’s a lot to learn about fruit trees if you want and it’s a hobby you will never outgrow! But if you need help from a professional to get you started, please feel free to contact Botaniscapes by Tracey.